Take a deep breath, it's very simple!

Well, at least the application process is, but after that…there’s only one way to find out.

On your marks!

Step 1

  • Follow us on social media to find out when our applications open
  • Find at least one other relevant person to work with you
  • Read the online application form in detail
  • Fill in the online application form before the deadline

Get Set!

Step 2 

  • Mentors shortlist top 25 applications
  • Shortlisted ideas complete the mandatory IDEATE workshops (this is a scored activity for further shortlisting)


Step 3 

  • Top 20 ideas get selected through final IDEATE workshop scores
  • Shortlisted ideas present on the final pitching day event in front of a panel 
  • Finalists get incubated with us for 6 months!

Important notes

We operate on Equity Model

Our incubation cycle is 6 months long - in Lahore

Our monthly trainings are milestone based

So, what is


Our mentors have decided they’re going to test you, hence they have designed these workshops for you.
The 2 day IDEATE workshops are here to test and refine your competency as an idea, a startup and as a team.
The workshop will allow you to refine your startup so that it is ready, in all aspects, to be presented to our board members in the ‘Final Presentations’.
ID stands for Innovation District and the rest are explained ahead ->
E: How the idea is Engineered

This day will be about creating business & marketing plans.

A: The Art in your idea

This day will be about creating your brand identity.

T: The Tech part of your idea

This day will be about the prototypes of your ideas.

E: The Enthusiasm part of your idea

This day will be about you & your team.

Are you Eligible?

Skim through this checklist quickly and swiftly to find out if you are eligible to apply, then move on to the application form!

Age is just a number, maturity is a choice, hence we are open for everyone!
You've to have passed your Matric/high school
There's no limit to an idea, hence startups from all verticals/fields can apply!
Ideas don't discriminate and nor do we
Being in the incubation center and in Lahore are both mandatory!
In pin safety pin, in pin out? There is no halfway, startups need to work on their idea full time.
Teamwork makes the dream work. Team must possess the core expertise required to build the idea. We induct 2-5 team members.